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Science At Home

Here at Sarah's Science our goal is to make learning science fun. Right now that means we must first make science resources accessible for everyone. While we miss our in person interactions with our students and campers, we also want them to know that we are here to spark their science curiosity from the comforts of their own home. Since we can't be with your children in person, we will instead be creating and posting a number of fun videos to demonstrate how you and your children can make and create simple science toys from items you have at home.

Learning often happens as a result of discovery! We strive in all our programs to ensure children feel comfortable, supported, and encouraged to safely experiment while sharing the discoveries they make along the way. Use these videos as a guide to encourage your child throughout their at home science journey. Having fun can lead to discoveries and learning wherever we are!

Video #1: Optical Illusion Tops

Video #2: Mini Catapults

Video #3: Air Pressure Toys

Video #4: The Science of Sound

Check back soon for more videos!



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