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Sarah’s Science offers an environment in which our staff can work and develop their skills while making a difference every day in the lives of children. We offer training and daily guidance to ensure success on the job. Our primary goal for our staff and campers is to stimulate curiosity and enhance learning by creating an atmosphere of exploration and fun.

We have openings for Camp Directors, Assistant Camp Directors, Operations Managers, Day Camp Counselors, After Care Directors, After Care Counselors, Musicians, Teachers, and Assistant Teachers.

To apply, please download and fill out the application, and either email as an attachment to jobs@sarahscience.com or fax to (510) 581-6144. For more information please call the office at (510) 581-3739.

“My husband and I are amazed at how wonderful each counselor is and how supportive they are of the campers in their care. Sarah certainly has a sixth sense when it comes to hiring people who know and love working with all types of children and have the patience to do so. No matter the time of day, they are always in good spirits and focused on the children. When counselors tell you how much they love working with your child, you know you’ve signed up for the right place.” – M.B.

“We’ve always felt that our daughter was in a safe and loving environment, looked after by kind and fun counselors. The continuity in Sarah’s staff has been very helpful, especially when our daughter was younger, because she’d see familiar friendly faces from camp to camp.” – Rosie Liebe

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