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Toyology: Science Through Toys

An After School Science Enrichment Program
for Elementary School Students

Want to bring Toyology to your school?
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All new projects each session! New and returning students welcome! In these exciting hands-on science classes we will build a variety of toys and use them to demonstrate major scientific concepts such as energy, electricity, light, gravity, motion, friction, magnetism and simple machines. Each student will construct and take home a science toy in every class. The classes will be taught by the award-winning science educator, Sarah Shaffer, and her staff.

New Science Projects Each Session!

Sarah's Science Robot
Fall 2015-2016
  • Light-Up Electric Robot
  • Motorized Solar Cell Color Spinner
  • Mighty Mini-Catapult
  • Static Electroscope
  • Fly-High Rocket
  • And more...
Winter 2015-2016
  • Motorized Rotating Robot
  • Pop Off Parachute
  • Static Charged Spaceship
  • Solar Powered Merry-Go-Round
  • Wind Powered Pulley
  • And more...
Spring 2015-2016
  • Spinning Head Robot
  • Krazy Kaleidoscope
  • Hand Held Catapult
  • Wind-Up Ladybug
  • Rainbow Spectroscope
  • And more...

Upcoming Classes (Spring 2015-2016):

Current Classes (Winter 2015-2016):

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